Notes For Your Nose

Perfume is described to have three notes: top notes, middle notes, and base notes. The notes unfold over time, from the top notes leading to the middles notes and finally, the base notes during the final stage.

Top Notes – This is the initial burst of scent and your first impression of the fragrance when it contacts your skin. Therefore, the top notes are very important to the selling of perfume. Top notes are light, volatile, and evaporates very quickly. It is generally defined as fresh, bright, or sharp. Bright fruity and citrus scents are commonly used for top notes.

Middle Notes – Once the top notes evaporate, the middle notes emerges. Middles notes are richer, somewhat heavier and less volatile than the tops notes. It usually appears anywhere between two minutes to an hour after applying the perfume. Middle notes linger longer and are known as the ‘heart’ of the fragrance. Typical ingredients for middle notes are lavender and rose.

Base Notes – Base notes, in conjunction with the middle notes, gives the fragrance its signature. Musk, wood, and plant resin scents are often used in the base notes to bring depth to the fragrance. Base notes are comprised of ingredients that boosts and hold the top and middle notes. The notes emerge about thirty minutes after the application, and leave the longest traces of fragrance.

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