Scentology, Let Fragrance Take Control

A few days ago, I went to Target to pick up some Burt’s Bees lip balms. While browsing the beauty aisle, I randomly stumbled upon Scentology. I decided to take a closer look at one of the boxes labeled as, “Crave Control.” Apparently, the scent is supposed to curb your cravings for sweets and carbs. I’m skeptical about its claims for promoting weight loss, but judging from the vanilla properties, at least it won’t smell bad. Nonetheless, I was rather intrigued by the concept.

According to the official site, “Scentology employs your brain’s natural connection to your olfactory system (sense of smell) to evoke a particular behavior. No other sensory system makes as direct contact with the areas of the brain involved in emotion, associative learning and memory. Clinical studies demonstrate that these proprietary formulas significantly and measurably affect behavior.”

Currently, there are three Scentology products available, and each serves a different purpose.

Scentology Products

1. Crave Control Fragrance – Researchers from London’s St. George’s hospital discovered that a particular ‘vanilla scented patch‘ helped people curb their cravings for chocolates and sweets. Results indicated that people shed 4 lbs. on average. However, experts do not know why it works besides the explanation that the vanilla scent somehow “affects the brain’s chemistry.” Scentology’s Crave Control Fragrance is formulated with the same vanilla scented ingredients from the patch.

Is this another ‘weight loss’ method to lure customers for profit? I won’t know if it works unless I try it, and I’m not one to judge a book by its cover. Any brave souls out there willing to give it a shot?

2. Endurance Enhancer Fragrance – Based on a study by Dr. Bryan Raudenbush at Wheeling Jesuit University, peppermint “increased feelings of vigor, energy, speed, reaction time, confidence, strength and overall physical performance, and also decreased feelings of fatigue, effort and frustration.” Unsurprisingly, Endurance Enhance Fragrance uses the same peppermint ingredient that is reported to boost physical energy.

From experience, most types of mint help me feel more awake and alert, but so does caffeine. I’m not quite certain if one can actually gain vigor, speed, and confidence (literally) just by smelling peppermint.

3. Bliss Booster Fragrance – Like its name, Bliss Booster makes you feel, well, bliss. This one is based on several researches from the University of Vienna which indicated that “men and women who were exposed to the aroma of orange oil (citrus sinensis) became happier and more relaxed during a stressful situation.” And of course, orange oil is the main ingredient in Bliss Booster.

Bliss Booster is kind of interesting because I mentioned “perfume makes me happy” in the About Delicious Scent section. A lot of the perfumes that I’m fond of, such as Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom, contain citrus notes. Although I have not tried Bliss Booster, I imagine it would have a similar effect on me as perfumes with citrus ingredients.

2 Responses to “Scentology, Let Fragrance Take Control”

  1. Freud Pickle Says:

    … because making your product’s name sound like “Scientology” is a sure win.

  2. Linda Says:

    When I first googled for scentology, google asked me if I meant to spell “Scientology”.

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