Why Do Women Love Perfumes

Although it’s common knowledge that women love perfumes, there is also a biological factor. According to Jim Jin’s article, “Perfumes and the Women Who Love Them,” researchers found that pheromones are part of the reason why women likes to receive perfume (also when men love to give perfume). “Pheromones are hormones thought to stimulate sexual appetite or interest and they are triggered by scent. (Jin)”

Unfortunately, guys, perfumes do not make women want to have sex. In fact, “the scent has a more dramatic effect upon men.” Even though perfume scents impacts women less than men, specific colognes worn by men have “produced a similar desire in women.” Researchers have established a connection between perfume scent and sexual desire, but there is still no explanation as to why some women wear perfume everyday.

A recent study showed that wearing too much perfume is a sign of depression. However, not every woman who uses perfume is depressed. In fact, I believe it makes women feel more confident and content. As Jin pointed out:

“It actually seems to be due to the simple feeling created by wearing any fragrance that one finds appealing. In fact, the feeling created by a woman wearing perfume is similar to that made by a candle used for aromatherapy. It is soothing, subtle, and slightly romantic but not really sexual in nature.

Of course, it does not really matter why precisely a woman loves wearing perfume. All that is truly important is that she does love to smell great and the attention she receives when wearing her favorite perfume. In time, the perfume and the scent of her own body will combine into a singular aroma that will literally become her own scent.”

Perhaps researches found a correlation between perfume and sexuality, but women and men’s love for perfume may just be plainly instinctual. Smelling good makes people happy, and therefore, puts people in a good mood. Who doesn’t like to smell nice?

Personally, I wear perfume because I simply love scents. It is true that not every fragrance out there appeals to me, but I wouldn’t hesitate to use the ones I pick out. I’m rarely depressed, so I cannot agree with the study connecting perfume usage to depression. It is possible that the research results do not apply to me as an individual. However, I do see more happy women who wear perfume in comparison to depressed ones. In addition, during the extremely rare occasions that I’m depressed, it never crosses my mind to put on any fragrances because I have more to worry about than smelling like a lilac in distress.

As for the hormonal factors, I cannot deduce how true it is since I have not experienced any sort of sexual desire from smelling perfumes or men’s colognes. However, it may be true for some women, and it is a noteworthy possibility.

7 Responses to “Why Do Women Love Perfumes”

  1. Rose Says:

    Hubby and myself love to use perfume! We use it to feel and smell good. It also make me more confident in myself as I know I feel good with my scents! Funny is it??

    That is why we have those aromatherapy where you can have relaxing effect with those nice scents.

    I dont know about sexuality and perfume relations, but I do find that certain cologne used by hubby turn me on! Oh boy!

  2. Linda Says:

    That’s an interesting finding, Rose. Now I really wonder if cologne, rather than perfume, should be the link this study is searching for.

    Like you, perfume makes me happy. I don’t put it on as a result of being depressed, so the recent study about perfume and depression doesn’t make much sense to me.

  3. Hani Says:

    I think depression should associate with aromatherapy…not perfumes. I guess they are 2 different things.

  4. Pam Says:

    I love perfume and men’s cologne. Both my hubby and I wear it all the time. Men wearing cologne is very sexy to me. Men that wear a good high quality cologne are usually men that care about their appearance and grooming. I like a ‘clean’ man that smells good.

    “A recent study showed that wearing too much perfume is a sign of depression.” Sorry I just don’t buy that.

  5. Ashley Says:

    I thought you wrote a great article. I linked it in my post for Saturday Jan 19, 2008 at bellevere.net. :)

  6. Linda Says:

    “A recent study showed that wearing too much perfume is a sign of depression.” Sorry I just don’t buy that. – My thoughts exactly, Pam.

    Ashley, I’m flattered that you liked this article. Thank you for linking it to your post. :)

  7. Bellevere » Link Lovin’ Saturday! Edition 1 Says:

    [...] Why Do Women Love Perfumes?An interesting science lesson behind your favorite scent. [...]

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