Everyone and Their Moms Are Launching a Perfume for V-Day

My Secret Perfume by Kathy HiltonIt seems like every designer, celebrity, and even their mom is launching a new perfume for this Valentine’s Day. In this case, Paris Hilton’s mother, Kathy Hilton, is introducing her own signature fragrance called “My Secret.”

And guess what else, dear reader? My Secret will come in a heart-shaped bottle! I have no clue who the targeted consumers are supposed to be. I doubt anyone Kathy Hilton’s age, like my mom, would use perfumes from a bottle made for little girls. Perhaps young girls would be attracted to the cutesy bottle, but I can’t picture them caring much for the Kathy Hilton brand name.

Notes included in My Secret are: Mandarin, White Freesia, Peony, Rose, Star Jasmine, Apricot Leaf, Sandalwood, Vanilla Musk, and Gilded Amber. Although I haven’t personally smelled the scent, the ingredients appear to be similar to many available perfumes. I am speculating that My Secret will not be anything out of the ordinary. But I withhold my final opinion until I’ve sampled the scent.

I’m not trying to say that My Secret is or is going to be a complete failure. I think what bugs me is that this perfume is obviously created with the intension to make money off of Valentine’s Day sales. Regardless whether it’s perfume or a piece of toilette paper, quality is always important, even if one is rushing to launch a fragrance for the shortly approaching Valentine’s Day.

5 Responses to “Everyone and Their Moms Are Launching a Perfume for V-Day”

  1. Hani Says:

    Perhaps Paris’s mom was just trying to help her daughter out for the losing fortune :P

  2. Fashion and Drama Says:

    This post made me laugh! I linked to it from my own blog.

    Hope we can link back to each other’s blog regularly. Love your work!

    Fashion and Drama

  3. Diva Boutiques Says:

    Love this post LOL! Keep up the good work!

  4. Tink Says:

    You are so right! Paris might sell stuff but I don’t see her mother getting this one off the ground.

  5. Linda Says:

    I’m glad everyone enjoyed this entry (and thanks for linking it, Theyanna). I’m sure Kathy Hilton wouldn’t find me very amusing though. ;)

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