Perfume #2 in Online Sales For the UK

It appears that online shopping scene in the UK was at a staggering 27 million shoppers for 2007. These online buyers generated approximately 860 million parcels according to, and there will probably be more next year. It appears that personal electronics topped the list of most purchased (no surprise), but what’s interesting is perfumes were #2. Makes a lot of sense because buying online usually saves you quite a bit of money.

Perfume Outlawed?

Perfume OutlawedGasp!!! Perfume is being outlawed? According to The Whig Standard, civil staff in Ontario, CA may not wear perfume or anything with strong fragrances to work. Okay, so it may not really be outlawed, but it could be one step away because odorous products have been deemed debilitating to people with allergies. This anti-odor policy not only hopes to protect your olfactory system from heavily scented depressed women, but also warn you of areas that have odorous products in use. Does this mean perfume could be illegal in public places? Probably not, but if so, when did wearing perfume start sharing bunk beds with secondhand smoke?

The Making of J. Lo’s New Fragrance: DESEO


I’m not a big fan of celebrity perfumes. However, in case anyone is interested, here’s a ‘making of’ video of Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming fragrance, DESEO. The newest issue of Harper’s Bazaar reported that DESEO is J. Lo’s 8th perfume, which is inspired by her garden. This new fragrance will be due in stores February 2008 … read more »

A Light Breeze From Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder White Linen Light BreezeEven though it’s still winter, spring is just around the corner to bring warmer weather and blooming flowers. Light Breeze is Estee Lauder’s newest addition to the Pure White Linen family. This sparkling citrus floral scented fragrance promises to “linger in your senses for hours.” Notes included are: Bergamot, Orange Zest, White Grapefruit, Watery Kumquat, Freesia, Osmanthus, Linden, Rose, Teak Wood, Cedar, Soft Skin Accord, and Acacia Honey.

Light Breeze will be widely available soon in stores retailing for $65 (3.4 oz), $45 (1.7 oz), and $35 (1 oz). However, you can purchase it at now.

Review: Anna Sui’s Secret Wish is a Wish Come True

Anna Sui Secret Wish Eau De Toilette SprayWhat attracted me to Anna Sui’s perfumes are its intricate bottle designs. They are very feminine and different from the normal round or rectangular shapes. Secret Wish, in this case, comes in a triangular bottle with a miniature frosted glass sculpture of a fairy sitting atop the stopper. The overall presentation is beautiful and delicate.

This attractive and sparkling perfume is created with a mixture of fruit and florals. The citrus top notes often remind me of pink grapefruit, which in my opinion, smells wonderful as a fragrance. Secret Wish’s scent is refreshing; subtle yet unique. It is great for the spring and summer seasons. Notes included are: Lemon, Melon and Apricot-Scented Flowers, Pineapple, Black Current, White Cedarwood, and Amber.