Ambre Gris from Pierre Balmain – For the Amber Scent Lovers

Pierre Balmain Ambre Gris PerfumePierre Balmain will be launching a new perfume called “Ambre Gris” by the end of March of this year. It is comprised of Myrrh, Cinnamon, Pink Pepper, Immortal Flower, Benzoin, a touch of Tuberose for the heart, and of course, Ambergris as its base note.

The new fragrance is described as a “beautiful woody oriental for women”, and will come in a retro style, cube-shaped bottle with a golden topper. Although Ambre Gris is an eau de parfum for women, its floral element is kept at minimal amount. Therefore, it can also be worn by men due to its resemblance to a masculine woody fougère.

Ambre Gris will be available in two sizes: 1.4-oz. and 2.6-oz.

Amy Winehouse To Launch Smoky Perfume?

So here we go again – another celebrity has decided to launch her own perfume line (in the UK). You can probably guess by the title who the celebrity in question is. Yes, Amy Winehouse. The question is – who wants to smell like her?

Amy WinehouseAmy’s friend has this to say about her new venture, “Amy’s style has been copied by girls around the country and there’s a lot of money to be made. It’s a very distinctive look. She wants to bring out a range of cosmetics and fashion products. There could be hairspray, head scarves, liquid eyeliner, perfume. All the things that are distinctive of her look.”

“She has become a fashion icon despite not always looking too fresh,” she added.

For those who are not familiar with Amy Winehouse, she is a famous singer with substance abuse and mental health issues. She has admitted to having problems with self-harm, depression and eating disorders. In addition, she has also smoked crack cocaine and taken ecstasy.

The head scarves may be fine to wear and cosmetics…possibly okay to use. Smelling like an alcoholic and smoker? That may be a bit of a problem for some people.

Source: Hollyscoop

Delicious Scent Interviews Dr. Rachel Herz, the Creator of Scentology

Scentology ProductsA while ago, I stumbled upon a line of special fragrances called Scentology. My initial reaction was, “What a neat name!” I picked up one of the boxes called “Crave Control” and was immediately intrigued by what I discovered. According to the box description, this particular fragrance can curb people’s appetite and therefore, help them lose weight!

Besides Crave Control, there are two other products in the Scentology line: Endurance Enhancer and Bliss Booster. Endurance Enhancer is a fragrance that gives people more energy, while Bliss Booster aims to help people feel happier. Curious? I am.

As a result of my curiosity, I e-mailed Dr. Rachel Herz, who is the creator of Scentology. She was kind enough to take some time out of her busy schedule to answer my questions, so I’d like to use this opportunity to say, “Thank you!”

Without further ado, onto the interview … read more »

Thank You for the Awards, Rose!

I come home – tired from work, but happy it’s the weekend. My work day is over, and I can sleep in tomorrow. Perfect.

However, Rose made my Friday night even more perfect. Being a relatively young site, I did not expect many visitors. But what I least expected was all the wonderful people who have come by Delicious Scent, such as Sandy, Michelle, Hani, Elin, Tink, kpriss, Denice and of course, Rose (plus the many more I have not listed). I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all, and especially Rose for sharing with me her three awards. I know I do not deserve them, but I am very flattered at the same time.

AwardBlogging with a Purpose awardExcellent blog award

You can visit her site at Rose’s World. Thank you again, Rose!

Review: Ooh La La for Victoria’s Secret’s Ooh La La

Victoria’s Secret’s Ooh La La perfume was launched some time before Valentine’s Day of this year. I fell in love with the bottle because it’s simply adorable. I finally stopped by the store a week before V-day and sampled the perfume. I actually commented on my previous entry, but just never got around to actually write about it.

Victoria's Secret Ooh La La PerfumeOoh La La is a sweet vanilla scent with the slightest hint of cherry blossom. The fragrance is not very strong, which definitely agrees with me personally because I don’t like to overwhelm people with my perfume. One of the interesting things I noted is that the scent of Ooh La La resembles the smell of the store itself. If you ever walk into the beauty section of Victoria’s Secret, you’ll notice this sweet smelling scent that lingers in the air as a result of all the lotions and fragrances. Ooh La La reminded me of that smell, but lighter.

The main notes in Ooh La La are vanilla, cherry blossom and mandarin, but the latter is not as noticeable as the former two notes. However, Ooh La La still manages to smell light and refreshing, even with the vanilla factor. The blend of ingredients in Ooh La La is perfect. I can imagine that if a bit more vanilla is added, it’ll end up smelling too sweet.

I would definitely recommend this perfume if you are looking for something fun, sexy and light-hearted!