For the Infrequent Perfume Users: Bigger is Not Always Better

There are lots of addicts in the world – drug addict, alcohol addict, porn addict(!) – you name it. I am, however, a perfume addict. I buy perfume because it smells good, contains notes I like, or simply on impulse. I admit I spend a lot of money on perfumes, and I always purchase the biggest bottle size available because the price difference between a 2.5 oz and a 3.4 oz is about $10. Get my money worth, right? Wrong!

According to Martin Ruppmann of Germany’s cosmetic association, an open bottle of perfume lasts for approximately 36 months. After that, the color and scent of the perfume can change. In addition, perfume with higher alcohol concentration helps it last longer than those that do not contain any alcohol. For instance, some summer fragrances that contain no alcohol can only be kept for a year.

In one of my previous article, I recommended that perfumes should be tightly closed after usage and kept in the fridge for preservation. This helps extend the perfume’s life span. Unfortunately, I don’t know if this method will help the perfume last beyond the 3 years suggested by Ruppman. It is problem for me because I have enough perfume to last me a lifetime.

Therefore, if you only use perfume occasionally, it’s probably better to purchase them in smaller amounts.

Source: The Earth Times

8 Responses to “For the Infrequent Perfume Users: Bigger is Not Always Better”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I wonder how long those magazine sample perfumes last? Unfortunately that is the extent of my perfume buying currently! I really should explore some new, lighter scents to wear in moderation as I do love perfume (my husband on the other hand does not). And now I know to buy small amounts :)

  2. Linda Says:

    The magazine samples lasts surprisingly long for how it’s packaged (usually folded as a part of an ad). You should definitely try some lighter scents if you like perfumes and your husband does not. That way, it won’t be strong enough to bother him too much. In fact, some lighter summer fragrances are very refreshing and easy on the nose. :)

  3. Hani Says:

    Oh, I didn’t know there’s a way to preserve perfume. Otherwise I would just leave it in a room temperature :P

  4. Elin Says:

    I just write an entry about perfume and put a link to your blog. Lacoste is giving a free sample of LACOSTE touch of pink, I think it may be a card sample but you can try. check here

    I still keep a perfume that my husband gave to me during our wedding 4 yeras ago, and its still last till today!

  5. Linda Says:

    Same here, Hani. I used to think room temperature was perfect for perfumes. I still think it’s kind of strange to put perfumes in the fridge even though that’s the recommended method.

    Nice find, Elin. Thanks for the link. :) And wow…your perfume lasted for a long time!

  6. Rose Says:

    Oh no! Perfume last for about 3 years only? I have a lot of perfume, older than 3 years! I still kept them, because I like their bottles too.

  7. Linda Says:

    No worries, Rose. I know a lot of people who keep their perfumes for way more than 3 years. If you can keep it cool and out of direct sunlight, any possible color and/or scent change shouldn’t be too dramatic. :)

  8. Sandy (Momisodes) Says:

    I had a feeling about this. One of my bottles of perfumes that I bought a while back smells completely different now! I didn’t take care of it like you mentioned at all..

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