Man Steals Few Hundred Dollars Worth of Perfume from CVS Drugstores

A while ago, a man from London was caught red handed when attempting to steal a bottle of Britney Spears perfume.

Now, we’ve got a thief in Bradenton, Florida, who has been stealing perfume from CVS stores. According to the detectives investigating this case, the man stole a few hundred dollars worth of perfume and cologne. Moreover, he did not attempt to hide them either like most thieves. He apparently filled a basket full of perfumes and marched straight out of the front door!

Man Steal Perfume From CVS StoreA picture caught on surveillance camera was recently revealed showing the suspect walking into the CVS store located at 510 1st Street West in the city of Bradenton. He is reported to be the very same person who was also captured on camera stealing perfume from two other CVS stores in Temple Terrace.

Judging from the amount of perfume and cologne this man is snatching, he’s definitely not getting them for his girlfriend as a Valentine’s Day present. Unless, of course, she reeks of stink. But then a shower would be a better choice.

Source: Tampa Bay’s 10 News

10 Responses to “Man Steals Few Hundred Dollars Worth of Perfume from CVS Drugstores”

  1. Blog For Money Says:

    Kinda bold act… well, I guess this guy is pretty desperate for perfumes. I am a great perfume lover too but I am not like him :p

    Thanks for visiting my blog recently.


  2. Tink Says:

    What in the world is he going to do with that much perfume?

    Wonder about the guy in London too…I mean is Spears perfume that good??

  3. Linda Says:

    Hi Blog For Money and Tink – I have no idea why he needs this much perfume. Perhaps he’s reselling them or just plain obsessed?

    I’m not a fan of Britney Spear’s perfume at all, but I think younger girls who idolize her likes her perfume.

  4. Sandy (Momisodes) Says:

    Gee, how inconspicuous! I can’t imagine why you would want to steal that much perfume from CVS…

  5. Hani Says:

    I wonder what he was up to…

  6. Deen Yusoff Says:

    Maybe he wanted to try and auction it off over his blog. ;)

  7. Linda Says:

    Perhaps when the police finally catch him and reveal his name, we can search for his blog! ;)

  8. Nissa Says:

    Wow! That’s funny! I’ve never heard of a perfume thief before!

    Thanks for the visit!!

  9. Bex Says:

    Hahaha wow…I don’t know what could possibly make him that desperate for perfume. Maybe he needs to cover up something that smells really bad..(dead body? hey you never know right)

  10. Linda Says:

    Nissa – You’d be surprised how many perfume thieves are out there…!

    Bex – Yea…dead bodies do tend to stink. :O

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