A Juicy Dog Pawfum for Your Pet

Juicy Couture Dog PawfumIf you happen to be a fan of Juicy Couture, you’ll probably know that they have a slew of dog products such as: tags, leashes, clothes, paw polishes (with polish remover!), and dog houses.

Now for the very reason why I’m writing about them – Juicy Couture made a dog perfume called ‘Dog Pawfum’. The bottle looks somewhat similar to the Juciy Couture branded perfume for their human counterpart, except for the red, white, and blue striped logo tag that says ‘Juicy Crittoure’. However, Dog Pawfum does not come with a cheap price tag. It retails for $60 USD for a 1-oz. size, which is more expensive than some human perfumes. Dog Pawfum was available a while ago, so it’s not exactly news, but I thought I’d share it in case you missed it.

2 Responses to “A Juicy Dog Pawfum for Your Pet”

  1. kdawg68 Says:

    Hi Linda, just stopping over to say hello and see what’s new. Dog perfume, huh? :)

    I wonder what the wife would say if I got that for Valentine’s day? LOL

    I like the name Pawfum – that’s catchy and cute.

  2. Kpriss Says:

    It’s really going too far with perfume for dogs. Have posted this on my site also, some time ago, but I still feel reluctant to the idea.

    Maybe it’s because I don’t own any pets (anymore.. I used to have two cats) and look at those obsessively carrying for their pets and ask myself if they found nothing else to do with that extra time…

    If time was for sale, I would buy that dog-perfumers time!

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