Review: Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche by Chanel

Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche was launched during March of 2007, which is a lighter version of 2002’s Chance fragrance. The new version of Chance was developed by Jacques Polge, Chanel’s own in-house perfumer.

Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche Eau De Toilette SprayThe new Chance is indeed very light and fresh. The scent is a creamy floral that smells fun and youthful, but elegant and sophisticated at the same time. Its base notes are composed of citrus and jasmine, which emphasizes the refreshing yet feminine impression. Notes included are: Citron, Water Hyacinth, Jasmine Absolute, White Musk, Vetiver, Amber Patchouli, and Teak Wood.

Many people who have tried Chance actually prefer it more than Chanel No. 5, which is probably one of the most well known fragrances of the world and an icon in the perfume industry. It appears as though people are going for a more sparkling fresh type of scent as opposed to the heavier parfum in the older days. Although No. 5 is the more famous of the two, the new Chancel Chance is perhaps more appropriate for modern perfume users. I, myself, prefer the light and refreshing scent, so I personally recommend Chanel Chance.

Chanel Chance by Chanel retails for $82 USD for a 3.4-oz. You can click on the image to purchase it from Delicious Scent’s sponsor for less.

11 Responses to “Review: Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche by Chanel”

  1. Sandy (Momisodes) Says:

    okay..I must try this. I love Chanel…and I love white musk and jasmine. I have a good feeling about this one :)

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Sandy, you should definitely try it, even if you don’t end up buying it. ;)

  3. kpriss Says:

    I had Chanel (Chance) but have to ask you if you noticed the same thing as I – it didn’t smell the same way all the time. Ok, I agree one’s skin influences one’s smell (and put-on fragrance as well) but for me it was a question of ‘7 am it smelled like a wonder’, ‘1pm it barely smelled at all’ , ‘5pm smelled like a ratoon’s afterbath’s water’.

    So, it was just me at war with chance?

  4. Linda Says:

    Hi kpriss – There are actually two Chanel Chances. The old version is yellow and the new one is apple green (as shown in the picture). My experience with the new Chanel Chance was not similar to what you described. The new Chance is lighter and somewhat more ‘refreshing’ than the original one. Perhaps you were referring to the older version?

  5. kpriss Says:

    Hi Linda – indeed, my unhappy experience was with the original (older) version – the yellow one. I imagine the Eau Fraiche version (this one you wrote about) must be lighter (and, hopefully more faithful to its scent). However, I had unpleasant experiences with many perfumes so I’m bound to stick with Kenzo for the summer, at least id didn’t change on me…

  6. Linda Says:

    Sorry to hear that you had unpleasant experiences with perfumes, kpriss. I’m glad at least Kenzo works for you. Are you using Kenzo Flower? I really like that scent. :)

  7. Teri Says:

    I just went out to Dillards to try the on the Pargume and the Eau Fraiche sample. I definitely recommend the Eau Fraiche, it is much lighter and smells so much better. I feel that the parfume(Older version) is MUCH MORE HEAVIER. Lighter is much better.

  8. Teri Says:

    Does anyone know if the Eau Fraiche is long lasting through the day or does it wear off fast?

  9. Linda Says:

    Hi Teri, Eau Fraiche literally means ‘fresh water’, so it’s lighter and contains less concentration of alcohol. It will not last as long as an entire day, so you may need to reapply.

  10. Yoyo Says:


    I’m confused of what to buy – the original, eu Fraiche or eu de Tendre.. Im really concerned with the scent and the last of the perfume. Help! :(

  11. Linda Says:

    Hi Yoyo,

    Sorry for the late response. I think picking a perfume is really a personal preference. Everyone has a different reaction to the ingredients in the perfume. Some combination works better with your body chemistry than others. In terms of how long the scent lasts, Eau de Parfum typically lasts longer than Eau de Toilette as there are higher concentration of the actual perfume in Eau de Parfum. However, it also smells stronger, so it really depends on what you prefer. :)

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