Shakira Wants to ‘Express’ Herself Through Scented Products, Sound Familiar?

ShakiraPuig Beauty & Fashion Group and Shakira will join forces to create a line of signature products which, of course, is endorsed by Shakira. The list includes: beauty, fragrances, and related personal care products. She will work closely with a team from Puig to develop these products from start to finish. In addition, the Puig Group will the sole distributor and strategist for her new products.

“I am very excited to be able to express myself through another creative medium,” said Shakira. “My feeling is that personal care and beauty should be effortless and accessible for everyone.”

Everyone says the same thing – just using different words. Every celebrity with a signature line wants to ‘express’ themselves through ‘another creative medium’ (i.e. scented products like perfume and soap). Yikes, is it me or is it just getting a bit old?

3 Responses to “Shakira Wants to ‘Express’ Herself Through Scented Products, Sound Familiar?”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Does she need any more money? Jeez – I really like Shakira and hope she is planning on making the stuff affordable as she claims, “accessible for everyone”.

  2. Rose Says:

    Now everyone want to have their own perfume line… ;p

    Guess when there is a demand, there is supply for it….meaning everyone want to smell good like their idol, so those celebrities start to produce and label their own perfume line and market to those “crazy fans”! hahaha

  3. Linda Says:

    Hi Michelle, I hope Shakira’s products are not going to be over-priced too!

    Hi Rose, there are indeed a lot of celebrities with their own line of bath products and fragrances. Looks like Shakira is joining them as well. LOL.

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