Thank You for the Awards, Rose!

I come home – tired from work, but happy it’s the weekend. My work day is over, and I can sleep in tomorrow. Perfect.

However, Rose made my Friday night even more perfect. Being a relatively young site, I did not expect many visitors. But what I least expected was all the wonderful people who have come by Delicious Scent, such as Sandy, Michelle, Hani, Elin, Tink, kpriss, Denice and of course, Rose (plus the many more I have not listed). I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all, and especially Rose for sharing with me her three awards. I know I do not deserve them, but I am very flattered at the same time.

AwardBlogging with a Purpose awardExcellent blog award

You can visit her site at Rose’s World. Thank you again, Rose!

9 Responses to “Thank You for the Awards, Rose!”

  1. Hani Says:

    ouh…congrats! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Linda Says:

    Thanks Hani! I hope you have a good weekend too!

  3. Sandy (Momisodes) Says:

    Aww, it’s my pleasure to stop :) You have a lovely blog.

    Congrats on all the bling!!!

  4. Linda Says:

    Thanks Sandy! By the way, I hope everything is okay with your house!

  5. Jean Chia Says:

    hi linda, congratulations on the award! i love yr blog! it’s so sweet! :)

    Jean Chia

  6. Linda Says:

    Thanks Jean! I dropped by your site a while ago, it’s really cute! Any updates soon? :P

  7. Michelle Says:

    I enjoy reading and thanks for sticking around my blog as well! You deserve the awards :)

  8. Linda Says:

    Thank you, Michelle!

    It’s my pleasure to read your blog because there’s always interesting topics for the ladies! ;)

  9. kpriss Says:

    oh, my! What I’ve lost! Congrats, Linda! Felt kinda lazy these days, took more time with my family than over the internet so I’m very sorry to have missed such an awarded week end ;) ! Well done!

    And thanks for mentioning me, it’s always a pleasure to stop by and share thoughts with you! Will grow our sites together :P !

    I wish you many happy awards to come!


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