Matthew McConaughey Strips Down for D&G Perfume

What better way to advertise a perfume than having Matthew McConaughey strip in front of the camera – have him strip, of course!

If you haven’t tried Dolce & Gabanna’s The One for women, this commercial will probably have you running to sample the men’s version – assuming that you are a female (?).


According to Stefano Gabbana, “I wanted it to be a classic – not a banal classic but a classic men’s fragrance that would last for years and be the type of scent women adore.”

Apparently, the new ad campaign is targeted at women. The ad will debut sometimes next month.

Shakira Wants to ‘Express’ Herself Through Scented Products, Sound Familiar?

ShakiraPuig Beauty & Fashion Group and Shakira will join forces to create a line of signature products which, of course, is endorsed by Shakira. The list includes: beauty, fragrances, and related personal care products. She will work closely with a team from Puig to develop these products from start to finish. In addition, the Puig Group will the sole distributor and strategist for her new products.

“I am very excited to be able to express myself through another creative medium,” said Shakira. “My feeling is that personal care and beauty should be effortless and accessible for everyone.”

Everyone says the same thing – just using different words. Every celebrity with a signature line wants to ‘express’ themselves through ‘another creative medium’ (i.e. scented products like perfume and soap). Yikes, is it me or is it just getting a bit old?

Perfume Tales: The Smell of Break Up

As a perfume enthusiast, I’m sad to tell you the story of Leslie Ware, whose break-up was caused by a perfume.

Perfume Cause Break-UpMs. Ware is a fashion editor for a magazine at Huntsville, Alaska. A few years ago, she was engaged to a man who disliked Trish McEvoy 9, a scent she wore for seven years. Trish McEvoy 9, for those who are not familiar, is a perfume composed of fruits and creamy vanilla.

According to Ms. Ware, her fiancé did not like the scent because:

“He thought I smelled like a traveling carnival, the kind where they sell corn dogs, because I guess the smell was reminiscent of cotton candy. This was the demise of Trish No. 9.”

Consequently, Ms. Ware broke up with him, and has stopped using the perfume since.

Unfortunately, a recent relationship ended up in yet another break-up because … read more »

Care to Smell Like the Pope?

Pope's ColognePerfume critic, Marie-Helene Wagner, recently published a raving review of the Pope’s cologne. Pope’s cologne is created using the private formula of Pope Pius IX (1792-1878), who was the longest reigning pope in the history of the Catholic Church. The recipe mysteriously ended up in the hands of Fred Hass (a general physician from San Francisco, CA) some twelve years ago. Hass took it upon himself to recreate the 19th century perfume.

Below is an excerpt of the review:

“The Pope’s Cologne will probably mostly reveal his aesthetic taste. Judging from the cologne itself, it shows a man of refined taste who obviously valued subtlety, elegance, and even the rare. The scent has an ancient charm about it, especially when the floral notes start being felt, that is quite remarkable. It is a perfume recipe made in a time when flowers in masculine colognes were felt to be perfectly natural hence an absolute lack of showiness and complete sense of maturity … read more »

Happy Valentine’s Day from Delicious Scent

Valentine's Day 2008
Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, everyone!