Halle Berry to Join the Perfume Force

Halle BerryI’m sure you are thinking, “Again?” I seem to be reporting a lot about celebrities jumping the perfume train lately, but it just so happens I read about a different celebrity who wants to launch their own perfume line almost every single day.

Today, we have the Oscar award winning actress, Halle Berry. According to OK magazine, she has signed up to launch her own fragrance with Coty (who is responsible for most of the celebrity endorsed perfumes). Steve Mormoris, the company’s Senior Vice President, indicated that they are happy to co-operate with Halle because she “is an iconic actress and symbolizes beauty to many generations.”

Since Halle is expecting the birth of her baby this spring, the tentative launch date for her perfume is during the spring of 2009.

6 Responses to “Halle Berry to Join the Perfume Force”

  1. Sandy (Momisodes) Says:

    Goodness! Anyone on the red carpet missing from the perfumania? I love Halle. She is perfect for the cosmetic ads, I’m assuming she’ll do well with perfumes as well :)

  2. Haney Says:

    I think I prefer as a fashion icon.

  3. Haney Says:

    *prefer her

  4. Linda Says:

    I agree with you guys, I prefer Halle Berry over many of the other celebrities who are going to launch their own perfume line.

  5. kpriss Says:

    I looked at Halle as (almost) everybody else does. Not very interested in what she had to say or do, I believed she was a good looking actress. Not long ago (last year) she attended a launching party for Cavalli Collection for H&M. She appeared in the ad movie, standing besides Mr. Cavalli himself and being.. well.. dumb. I won’t get into details (i’ve got the movie somewhere on my site if you care to take a look) but ever since, I changed the way I looked at Halle.

    That combined with her being all the time alone (without the oh-so-pretty-boy-Gabriel-father-of-her-child-to-come) has got me thinking she’s a lonely 40 years old woman acting like a 20 years old miss contestant.

    That being said I hope the perfume has nothing do to with her ;) even if I strongly disagree the overall trend of smell-like-a-celebrity, spritz a little of celebrity-hand-made-perfume (yeah, right!), they’ve got to eat, so why not launching a perfume?;)

  6. Michelle Says:

    I have always like Halle, but won’t be wearing her perfume..haha. Guess what? You were third place in our daylight savings give away! Congrats! Email me at michelle@ladylanguage.com with your address so I can send your lovely prize. Thanks!

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