Presidential Perfumes are a Popular Hit

April Cline is the creator of Presidential Perfumes. In case you haven’t heard about them yet, she created a whole line of fragrances inspired by the presidential front runners: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain.

Hillary ClintonThe perfumes were launched locally last Wednesday, and became an instant national and international hit. Cline was immediately contacted by media from across the U.S. as well as from some foreign countries. She was surprised to discover how fast the news of her new perfume traveled. In fact, she has already been contacted by press from countries such as Poland, England, Spain and Australia.

“The No. 1 thing that they all seem to want to know is which perfume is doing the best — which one am I selling the most of,” Cline said. “It’s almost as if the world thinks that my perfume sales will determine who will win the presidential race — like my perfume bottles are some kind of good smelling crystal balls.”

Some people have requested for a Ralph Nader perfume, but Cline declined, indicating that isn’t going to happen. However, she is thinking about mixing some fragrances for the candidates’ spouses: Bill Clinton, Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain.

So far, Cline has sold 150 bottle of her custom blended Presidential Perfume, and she is still busy fulfilling her orders. They are available at for $25 USD per bottle.

I’ve been having a lot of trouble accessing her site; I suppose a lot of people are curious about what our presidential candidates smell like!

Source: Journal News

3 Responses to “Presidential Perfumes are a Popular Hit”

  1. Hani Says:

    Great timing to release those perfumes. Anyway, I think there’s an error to the link.

  2. Sandy (Momisodes) Says:

    Goodness, that is so odd. But yes, very opportune time to release these scents.

  3. Linda Says:

    Hi Hani, the link is fixed. Sorry about that!

    I agree with you, Sandy, it is very odd to smell like presidential candidates. It is, however, a good marketing strategy.

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