Student Suspended Over Perfume

Eustis Middle School student, Kimberly Jordan, was suspended for wearing perfume. Her mother was very surprised.

Eustis Middle School

“If she goes to school stinking they’re going to be calling children and family services on me saying I’m an unfit mother,” Jennifer Jordon said. “She goes to school clean and they’re suspending her so she’s getting punished either way.”

The assistant principal had called Jordan a month prior to inform her that Kimberly’s teacher was allergic to perfume. Therefore, they went out and bought a body mist to replace the perfume, which is much lighter.

A few weeks passed by without a problem. Then out of the blue, the assistant principal called Jordan indicating that Kimberly has been suspended for wearing perfume to school.

“I asked him ‘are you kidding me, she’s being suspended for wearing perfume to school’,” said Jordan. “She’s a 13 year old teenager in middle school.” Apparently, Jordan had been putting the body mist on her daughter to control the amount. Unfortunately, the school believed Kimberly was being defiant.

Jordan notified the school board regarding Kimberly’s suspension. As a result, Kimberly’s three-day suspension was cut by a day short, and the principal notified Jordan that her ‘behavioral record’ will show zero instead of a suspension.

Although I love perfume, I have mixed feelings about putting it on young kids. However, I believe the punishment is a bit severe for Kimberly Jordan, especially since her mother has toned down/controlled the type of scent she was wearing. In addition, Kimberly is at the age when she wants to look and smell nice, which is perfectly understandable for any teenager. If the teacher has very bad allergies to Kimberly’s perfume, he/she should speak to her mother personally and explain the situation.

The lack of communication is the real problem. When a small issue is not contained, it becomes bigger and harder to handle. In this situation, the problem that could have been easily resolved led to Kimberly’s suspension.

Source: MyFox Orlando

4 Responses to “Student Suspended Over Perfume”

  1. Sandy (Momisodes) Says:

    That is a bit over the top for sure. I mean, suspension? I seriously hope that was due to a lack of communication too.

  2. Rose Says:

    What? First time i heard such incident on student suspended because of using perfume! What is the problem with that teacher or principal? Yeah, body mist is pretty mild compared to perfume, shouldnt cause severe allergy to the respective teacher. Still, suspension is too severe.

  3. Haney Says:

    Why is the school so strict? Perhaps the Principal is the one who is allergic to fragrances :P

  4. barbara-ann Says:

    Wow, suspension is awfully harsh for wearing fragrance to school. There may be more to this story than what was actually reported.

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