Romano Ricci’s New “Juliette has a gun” Perfume

Romano Ricci's New Perfume“The rock meets the romantics” is the theme of Romano Ricci’s new perfume. And yes, he is related to Nina Ricci – her great grandson, in fact.

Even though Romano Ricci is only 28 years old, he already possesses 10 years of experience in the perfume industry. Back in 2005, he started his own company “Juliette has a gun”. He collaborates with Francis Kurkdjian (creator of the perfumes Dior), Lanvin, Guerlain, and Jean Paul Gaultier.

The young perfumer presented his newest fragrance recently in Italy with Bulgarian rose ‘Juliette has a gun’.

“I tried to unite tenderness with the power of all ingredients, because I think that the woman can be sweet and tender but rock at the same time. I divided the perfume into two sub-perfumes in order to express all the aspects of the woman’s personality,” he said.

The two sub-perfumes are entitled ‘Miss Charming’ and ‘Lady Vengeance’. Miss Charming is fun, light, and refreshing, while Lady Vengeance is sensual, exquisite, and expresses the ‘darker’ side of women. The Bulgarian rose (mixed with vanilla) is the main note in the latter version.


5 Responses to “Romano Ricci’s New “Juliette has a gun” Perfume”

  1. Sandy (Momisodes) Says:

    I don’t believe I know who Romano Ricci is. But that name and the bottle are very cute :) I like it!

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Sandy! He is actually Nina Ricci’s grandson. Nina Ricci has a pretty popular perfume that comes in a red, apple shaped bottle. It kind of reminds of you of DKNY’s Be Delicious bottles. It’s just interesting to know that her grandson is a perfumer too. :P

  3. Tink Says:

    I’d be interested in giving this a sniff. I like the name.

  4. Elvira Says:

    Hi can you please check your facts. Romano Ricci is Nina Ricci’s great grandson.Nina Ricci was born 1883. Her son Robert Ricci creator of L’Air du Temps is Romano Ricci’s grandfather.That makes Romano Ricci great grandson to Nina. Thanks

  5. Efie Says:

    It’s probably the best perfume I’ve ever bought!!
    Really precious, I LOVE IT!!
    The promo at the stores in Paris, was great too!

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