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Japanese cell phones are more advanced than the ones in the U.S. In fact, most Asian countries have more hi-tech cell phones than its western counterpart. Now, it’s going a step further.

NTT Communications Corporation LogoNTT Communications Corporation of Japan is starting a trial service that allows mobile phone users to “call up fragrance” to “relax or jump-start the day.” Twenty users are going to participate in the trial (which will occur between April 10th through the 20th). They have been asked to keep aroma pots with infrared sensors that can read mobile signals in their individual rooms.

In each pot, there are 16 different “aromatic essences” such as chamomile and peppermint. Participants will then select music and video clips on their cell phones through the carrier NTT DoCoMo Inc’s i-mode Internet service. The download will trigger a signal from the phone to the aroma pot, “which blends the essences and emits an appropriate scent.”

Two hundred different fragrance combinations can be created by mixing and matching the 16 different essences. According to NTT Communications, the scents can help improve concentration, sleep better, and much more. If successful, the service (aka Mobile Fragrance Communication) may become widespread in Japan.

Spokeswoman Yasuko Oka said, “If demand is strong, we would like to make this service available by March next year.”

Last but not least, NTT Communication is also planning to run trials for a service that allows users to send files with scent attachments. Oh boy!

Source: Reuters

4 Responses to “Download Your Perfume Now”

  1. Rose Says:


    All I can say is “Wow!” Pretty interesting article. I cant believe that mobile phone can emit fragrance from it!

  2. Michelle Says:

    That is a bit scary in my mind. What else will mobile phones start emitting? I used to work for a mobile phone company and can’t imagine how the engineers will work in this one :)

  3. Sandy (Momisodes) Says:

    Wow! That is incredible! What will they think of next? I’m curious how they created this technology…and where it may potentially lead.

  4. Linda Says:

    Rose – I know. I am very intrigued too!

    Michelle – It is definitely scary. Remember the whole debate on whether cell phone causes cancer? If it’s true, then this new technology will be emitting more than just perfume.

    Sandy – I’m sure there’s more to come. In fact, you will be reading about one in my next entry. :P

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