Jade Goody have Trouble Spelling the Name of her Perfume

Jade GoodyThe former Big Brother contestant, Jade Goody, was promoting her new perfume, ‘Controversial’, in London on Tuesday night.

She looked great appearing in a little black dress and Christian Louboutin heels. As the night wore on, however, she managed to drop a bottle of her perfume after throwing it in the air. Then she flashed her thighs to the audience as some random person hoisted her into his arms. On top of all the mishaps, she apparently had trouble spelling the name of her own perfume.

When asked by Heatworld to spell the name, she was reported to have replied,

“I can’t… I would have no idea. I don’t know. It’s ‘con’ C-O-N and then I’m lost. Is that even right? I wouldn’t have known.”

I’m not sure what to make of the new perfume, but the name is definitely very fitting. Do you think?

Coming Your Way: The Kim Kardashian Perfume

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian is the latest celebrity to launch her own perfume.

The former girlfriend of R&B singer Ray J is currently busy creating a perfume that is ‘uniquely hers’. Kardashian’s new perfume is scheduled to hit the stores in the U.S., Australia, Enlgand, Germany, and Japan during May of next year.

Here’s an excerpt from Kardashian’s blog discussing about her perfume:

“It has always been a dream of mine to start my own perfume business, since I love to mix fragrances together and come up with new and different scents! I hope you understand my total excitement as I let you, the readers of my blog, become the first to know that I am creating my own fragrance!!!

I have decided to work with New Wave Fragrances, who also distribute Ed Hardy and True Religions fragrances … read more »

Been Kind of Quiet

I haven’t been posting lately because I had to take a much needed and overdue vacation. Few weeks ago, I received an e-mail (for the second time, actually) from our HR lady saying that I’ve maxed out my vacation hours. Therefore, if I don’t take a few days off soon, I won’t be accruing anymore. As a result, I packed up and went to Vegas for five days and then to the anime convention at downtown Los Angeles. It was really fun, although I felt as if my vacation was more tiring than my actual work. My boyfriend and I were joking about how we need to take a vacation from our vacation because it was more energy draining than our real jobs. LOL.

Besides my vacation, I’ve been working on my new online store. I’m not sure when it will be launched as I am still in the process of acquiring necessary information and licenses. I will definitely post a link once the store is up and running. If you are curious, the online store will feature cutesy Asian style clothing and accessories.

Thank you to those who have come by Delicious Scent while I was absent. Hopefully I will have more time to create new posts. Don’t forget to come and visit! :)