Perfume #2 in Online Sales For the UK

It appears that online shopping scene in the UK was at a staggering 27 million shoppers for 2007. These online buyers generated approximately 860 million parcels according to, and there will probably be more next year. It appears that personal electronics topped the list of most purchased (no surprise), but what’s interesting is perfumes were #2. Makes a lot of sense because buying online usually saves you quite a bit of money.

Perfume Outlawed?

Perfume OutlawedGasp!!! Perfume is being outlawed? According to The Whig Standard, civil staff in Ontario, CA may not wear perfume or anything with strong fragrances to work. Okay, so it may not really be outlawed, but it could be one step away because odorous products have been deemed debilitating to people with allergies. This anti-odor policy not only hopes to protect your olfactory system from heavily scented depressed women, but also warn you of areas that have odorous products in use. Does this mean perfume could be illegal in public places? Probably not, but if so, when did wearing perfume start sharing bunk beds with secondhand smoke?

Thief Caught For Stealing Britney Perfume

Britney Spears BaldIn London, a man attempted to snag a sweet gift for his girlfriend, but was caught red handed with none other than the B.S. perfume. I’m sure Britney Spears would be pleased to know that her products are so desirable it’s worth going to jail for. Well he’s not going to jail, but will have an increased probation period for another offense.

You can read more about the poor perfume thief here.

Using Too Much Perfume = Depression?

It’s been reported by scientists in Tel Aviv University that applying too much perfume may be a sign of depression. “Our scientific findings suggest that women who are depressed are also losing their sense of smell, and may overcompensate by using more perfume,” claimed a medical team member of Tel Aviv University. The article goes into how depression may be caused by biological factors and aromatherapy may improve depression.

I personally haven’t been around too many depressed people so it’s hard for me to relate to this finding. However, there are those instances where I’ll be stuck in an elevator with someone doused in perfume and they didn’t appear depressed at all. Another interesting note is that it doesn’t mention anything about men being affected by fragrances.

Read more at the ScienceDaily.