Coming Your Way: The Kim Kardashian Perfume

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian is the latest celebrity to launch her own perfume.

The former girlfriend of R&B singer Ray J is currently busy creating a perfume that is ‘uniquely hers’. Kardashian’s new perfume is scheduled to hit the stores in the U.S., Australia, Enlgand, Germany, and Japan during May of next year.

Here’s an excerpt from Kardashian’s blog discussing about her perfume:

“It has always been a dream of mine to start my own perfume business, since I love to mix fragrances together and come up with new and different scents! I hope you understand my total excitement as I let you, the readers of my blog, become the first to know that I am creating my own fragrance!!!

I have decided to work with New Wave Fragrances, who also distribute Ed Hardy and True Religions fragrances … read more »

CVS and Family Dollar Stores Inc. Sued for Impressions of Perfume

I went to my local CVS store recently and saw a bunch of “Impression” perfumes. I was rather amused by them because they were basically imitations of pricey perfumes sold in high-end department stores. There were titles such as “Impression of Happy by Clinique” and “Impression of Beautiful by Estee Lauder.” Although these perfumes were knocks-offs, but at least they were not counterfeit products that claimed to be the real thing.

Unfortunately for CVS Caremark Corp, Family Dollar Stores Inc., and Preferred Fragrance Inc. (who made the knock-offs), Estee Lauder Cosmetic Inc. filed a federal lawsuit against them on Wednesday. Estee Lauder accused CVS and Family Dollar of selling imitation products that used their actual registered trademarks and/or names that were very similar to the original ones.

The suit included accusations of “trademark infringement, false advertising, diluting their trademarks and unfair competition.” It seeks for an injunction to stop CVS and Family Dollar from selling the products and asking for damages of up to $1 million for each individual type of knock-offs … read more »

Lindsay Lohan’s Very Own Fragrance

Lindsay LohanFollowing the footsteps of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez, Lindsay Lohan recently announced that she will be launching her own perfume line.

Apparently, Lindsay has been thinking about creating her own fragrance for some time, but has not taken a step forward until now. She was reported to have said she is “sorta been experimenting” with a variety of scents, and in fact, has come up with “this oil that I made up myself”.

There are currently no further details on what type of fragrance Lindsay has created, or when it will be launched.

The Scent of Bond Girl 007

Gemma ArtertonA fan of 007 films? I am! Care to smell like a Bond Girl? Hmmm…

Avon, as many of you ladies (and gentlemen) may know, is a cosmetics giant. It was recently reported that Avon is teaming up with the creators of Jams Bond films to launch a new perfume called ‘Bond Girl 007′.

Actress Gemma Arterton, who is the Bond Girl of the upcoming film ‘Quantum of Solace’, is the lucky gal whose face will be plastered on the advertisements for the new fragrance.

“I’m thrilled to be working with two such iconic and established brands. The ‘Bond Girl 007′ fragrance embodies everything a Bond Girl represents – intelligence, sexiness and confidence,” said Arterton.

‘Bond Girl 007′ will be launched worldwide during October of 2008, which will coincide with the release of the new 007 movie.

No further information is published regarding the actual fragrance itself. What do you think Bond Girl will smell like?

Perfumes are Selling in China

Historically, commercial fragrances have virtually no roots in the Chinese culture, so it is surprising that perfume sales are booming in China. According to a recent New York Times article, perfume sales are growing at an exponential rate in China even though it is slowing down everywhere else around the world.

“The concept of perfume is so new that a lot of Chinese consumers are, in fact, not buying a perfume but rather the brand to which a bottle of perfume happens to be attached,” the article reported.

As a side note, all of the celebrity brands are selling except for Coty’s Jennifer Lopez.