Counterfeit Perfumes – A Big NO NO

There are lots of counterfeit products in the world. I think one of the main reasons is because the original product (such as designer handbags) is so expensive that most people can’t afford it. Therefore, counterfeit items appeal to people who aren’t willing to or can’t afford to pay the large sum but still want the item.

Many people have probably purchased a counterfeit product once in their lifetime – whether they know it or not (think eBay). I won’t judge whether buying counterfeit items is right or wrong, it depends wholly on the situation and the person making the decision. However, I would suggest against buying counterfeit perfumes, for yourself or for anyone else.

Authentic perfumes are made under regulations and tested before they are released to the public. Counterfeit perfumes are obviously not. Therefore, you won’t know what kind of icky ingredients the counterfeiters used to re-create the original scent. Counterfeit fragrance can cause nasty rashes or even burn your skin. Tests run on some fake perfumes revealed that urine … read more »

For the Infrequent Perfume Users: Bigger is Not Always Better

There are lots of addicts in the world – drug addict, alcohol addict, porn addict(!) – you name it. I am, however, a perfume addict. I buy perfume because it smells good, contains notes I like, or simply on impulse. I admit I spend a lot of money on perfumes, and I always purchase the biggest bottle size available because the price difference between a 2.5 oz and a 3.4 oz is about $10. Get my money worth, right? Wrong!

According to Martin Ruppmann of Germany’s cosmetic association, an open bottle of perfume lasts for approximately 36 months. After that, the color and scent of the perfume can change. In addition, perfume with higher alcohol concentration helps it last longer than those that do not contain any alcohol. For instance, some summer fragrances that contain no alcohol can only be kept for a year … read more »

Perfumes To Improve Your Skin AND Mood?

Skincare products claiming to improve skin health is very popular among women and men (!). The perfume industry doesn’t want to be left in the dust, and is finally catching onto the trend.

According to Cosmetic Design,

“Perfume manufacturers are reaching out to women looking for more than an attractive scent with fragrances that promise to improve skin appearance and even spread happiness.”

Seeing how celebrity perfumes are banking big bucks, though personally not a fan (but that’s beside the point), cosmetic chemist are avidly brewing in their pots to ensure continuing sales growth.

So, what’s cookin’ … read more »

Why Do Women Love Perfumes

Although it’s common knowledge that women love perfumes, there is also a biological factor. According to Jim Jin’s article, “Perfumes and the Women Who Love Them,” researchers found that pheromones are part of the reason why women likes to receive perfume (also when men love to give perfume). “Pheromones are hormones thought to stimulate sexual appetite or interest and they are triggered by scent. (Jin)”

Unfortunately, guys, perfumes do not make women want to have sex. In fact, “the scent has a more dramatic effect upon men.” Even though perfume scents impacts women less than men, specific colognes worn by men have “produced a similar desire in women.” Researchers have established a connection between perfume scent and sexual desire … read more »

Applying Perfume to Pulse Points is Not Always Effective

Most people apply perfume to their pulse points: neck, wrist, behind the ears and cleavage. Some say behind the knees and the bend at your elbows are also good spots. However, these are not the most effective way to preserve the fragrance and prevent it from wearing off over time. A technique called layering is the best method to make the scent last longer. The process involves using products from the same fragrance line to:

1. Maintain its natural fragrance
2. Create a fuller and long-lasting scent

An example of layering perfume might start with a body wash or bath/shower gel, then put on matching … read more »