Perfume Emporium: Cash Incentive Is Always A Plus

One of the retailers I used for this holiday season is Perfume Emporium. What first attracted me to the site is the “Beauty Bucks” incentive program.

$10 FREE just for registering!

When you first sign up for the program, you are assigned a referral number and credited $10 (USD) in the account. Every time you shop thereafter, enter your referral number and you will receive 500 Beauty Bucks for every $1 (USD) spent, excluding tax and shipping. 5,000 Beauty Bucks is equivalent to $1 (USD). This means that Perfume Emporium gives you back 10% of your total purchase amount. The Beauty Bucks are converted to actual dollars, which can be used to purchase perfumes from the site. However, you must have enough money to cover the cost of whatever perfume you want to purchase, and I think that’s a reasonable rule.

My experience with Perfume Emporium was satisfactory. Their perfume prices are much lower than … read more »