For the Infrequent Perfume Users: Bigger is Not Always Better

There are lots of addicts in the world – drug addict, alcohol addict, porn addict(!) – you name it. I am, however, a perfume addict. I buy perfume because it smells good, contains notes I like, or simply on impulse. I admit I spend a lot of money on perfumes, and I always purchase the biggest bottle size available because the price difference between a 2.5 oz and a 3.4 oz is about $10. Get my money worth, right? Wrong!

According to Martin Ruppmann of Germany’s cosmetic association, an open bottle of perfume lasts for approximately 36 months. After that, the color and scent of the perfume can change. In addition, perfume with higher alcohol concentration helps it last longer than those that do not contain any alcohol. For instance, some summer fragrances that contain no alcohol can only be kept for a year … read more »

Tips & Ideas: How to Obtain Perfume Samples or Buy Perfume at A Low Price

If you love perfume, you probably want to try out every new fragrance. However, perfume can get expensive. If you have lots of money to spare, you can afford to purchase the latest fragrances. For many, buying one too many perfumes can drain the wallet quickly. So where can you get the newest perfumes without dishing out a dime? Or if you need to spend money, how do you get it for less?

1. Google it. It is very likely that the marketing crew is running a campaign for the new perfume. What do they do? Offer visitors free samples through the mail. All you need to do is fill out your mailing address, and it usually arrives in your mailbox within two weeks. This is a very easy way to get your hands on the newest fragrance samples … read more »

Applying Perfume to Pulse Points is Not Always Effective

Most people apply perfume to their pulse points: neck, wrist, behind the ears and cleavage. Some say behind the knees and the bend at your elbows are also good spots. However, these are not the most effective way to preserve the fragrance and prevent it from wearing off over time. A technique called layering is the best method to make the scent last longer. The process involves using products from the same fragrance line to:

1. Maintain its natural fragrance
2. Create a fuller and long-lasting scent

An example of layering perfume might start with a body wash or bath/shower gel, then put on matching … read more »