Thank You for the Awards, Rose!

I come home – tired from work, but happy it’s the weekend. My work day is over, and I can sleep in tomorrow. Perfect.

However, Rose made my Friday night even more perfect. Being a relatively young site, I did not expect many visitors. But what I least expected was all the wonderful people who have come by Delicious Scent, such as Sandy, Michelle, Hani, Elin, Tink, kpriss, Denice and of course, Rose (plus the many more I have not listed). I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all, and especially Rose for sharing with me her three awards. I know I do not deserve them, but I am very flattered at the same time.

AwardBlogging with a Purpose awardExcellent blog award

You can visit her site at Rose’s World. Thank you again, Rose!