Perfumes in Vending Machines

The concept of selling perfumes in vending machines is not as new as one might think. If you search for ‘perfume vending machine’ on, you will find many sites that offer start-your-own-business-perfume-vending-machines. After all, you can buy iPods in a vending machine, why not perfumes?

During fall of 2007, Elizabeth Arden and Coty signed on with ZoomSystems, a vending machine company. The appeal of selling in vending machine is lower labor costs, and it can remain open for business long after the store closes.

Coty is hoping to attract younger buyers who don’t normally shop at department stores where their perfumes are sold. In addition, the Coty machine allows customers to sample the fragrance by “pushing a button that releases a scented puff of air through a quarter-sized hole below a picture of the fragrance … read more »