Counterfeit Perfumes – A Big NO NO

There are lots of counterfeit products in the world. I think one of the main reasons is because the original product (such as designer handbags) is so expensive that most people can’t afford it. Therefore, counterfeit items appeal to people who aren’t willing to or can’t afford to pay the large sum but still want the item.

Many people have probably purchased a counterfeit product once in their lifetime – whether they know it or not (think eBay). I won’t judge whether buying counterfeit items is right or wrong, it depends wholly on the situation and the person making the decision. However, I would suggest against buying counterfeit perfumes, for yourself or for anyone else.

Authentic perfumes are made under regulations and tested before they are released to the public. Counterfeit perfumes are obviously not. Therefore, you won’t know what kind of icky ingredients the counterfeiters used to re-create the original scent. Counterfeit fragrance can cause nasty rashes or even burn your skin. Tests run on some fake perfumes revealed that urine … read more »