Wake Up and Smell Your DNA

My DNA FragranceTired of smelling like designer perfume? It’s time to give up your DNA and create an unique fragrance that belongs personally to you. Literally.

A company by the name of My DNA Fragrance is offering an one time swab kit (for saliva) and lab fee of 99 USD to produce your scent using your DNA. Along with the initial investment, you will need to pay an additional fee for the actual perfume which comes in a clinically approved, 4-oz. aluminum bottle. Here is a list of sample fees (site fees may be different during promotions):

  • A one time swab kit and lab fee: 99 USD
  • Your own 4-oz. bottle for women: 89 USD
  • Your own 4-oz. bottle for men: 59 USD

As soon as you run out, you can reorder. My DNA Fragrance will produce the perfume again by using the DNA sample you submitted earlier.

This is a very unique idea. In fact, I’m sure the company will do well as long as people are willing to dish out money. My other thoughts are less optimistic – I almost wonder if this is some kind of conspiracy to collect people’s DNA? Not only that, but you have to pay for it! Of course, this is purely a matter of personal perspective. Nonetheless, it is still a rather intriguing service. What do you think?