Terms and Conditions

Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that someone is blatantly copying concepts, contents, and ideas from Delicious Scent. Therefore, I’m creating this terms and conditions page in an attempt to avoid any possible future conflicts.

Terms and Conditions

All texts and contents that appear on www.deliciousscent.com are copyrighted to its author(s) unless otherwise stated. You may not copy, steal, or use any information, ideas, and concepts without the permission and the consent of Delicious Scent and its associated publishing author(s).

If you have received permission or consent to use anything published on Delicious Scent, please acknowledge Delicious Scent by including a link: http://www.deliciousscent.com or a link directly to the article featured on the site.

If you’d like to contribute your ideas and suggestions, I will gladly publish your article or link on Delicious Scent with prior agreement on the terms and conditions.

At last, I would like to give a big THANKS to those who have supported Delicious Scent since its publication.